Competition Details

CBCC is a competition designed to help students enhance their problem solving skills. They do so by solving case studies and expressing their ideas in a series of presentations before a highly qualified panel of teachers and judges. It is an incredible opportunity that will help students learn skills that are vital to thrive in their lives ahead.

Students will be given a business problem that a company is facing and they will be required to provide solutions. It comprises of the following:

Round 1 – Strategy Round (Elimination round)

In this round, participants will be required to present their strategic response to a business case. The case will be sent to them 4/5 days prior to the event and it involves extensive research in order to understand and define the business problem. The business acumen, innovation and problem solving ability of the participants is tested on their response to all key pressure points of the case. The case is very board in scope and challenges the participants to take a holistic view of the entire presented to them.

Round 2 – Problem solving Challenge

This is a closed ended case and tests participant’s ability to deal with time pressures and think out of the box. With only 7/8 hours at their hands, participants have to understand the case problem, come up with a solution and create their presentation and ultimately deliver them. 


  • Maximum number of slides must not exceed 20
  • Minimum 3 member each group maximum 5
  • One Team leader from each team
  • Presentation time is only 10 mins
  • 5 mins for Q/A session
  • Formal dress code

Event Details

  • Accommodation can be arranged (not provided) for the guest teams so that they are provided with an enriching environment to showcase their skills and abilities.
  • A Case Decoding Workshop will be arranged on “HOW TO CRACK THE CASE STUDY” by our honorable guest speaker. The workshop will provide the participants with a holistic view of understanding and cracking a business case.
  • Inter-campus participants will be facilitated with live streaming of the workshop.
  • Registration fee for the event is Rs 600/-
  • Winning Prize for the Winner will be given.
  • An Info Session will be arranged for the students to other campuses to brief about the event.
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